1th of may. Celebration of death.

The essence of socialism is violence. Today the socialists are assembling to celebrate their hold of violent power. Germany was the first country to make labor day a national holiday in 1933. The Nazi’s brought the idea with them to Norway in 1942.

Cold blooded murder

The communists outright murdered 100 million people. The Nazi’s killed a large number too. Since the second world war the world has been plagued with wars often with socialist on the aggressive side.

Indirect murder

All the world’s countries are plagued with socialism to a greater or lesser extent. The most seriously infected areas like Africa, India and the middle east are the poorest. The number of people silently  killed by malnutrition and diseases is much higher than the amount that where murdered

Death of the spirit

The very essence of life is to be the creator of your life. The socialist take away the means and explicitly forbid them to act to create in many ways. This makes people into zombies. They are technically alive but their spirit is dead.

Tips oss hvis dette innlegget er upassende

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