Thoughts of the 17 feb demonstration

Organizing the demonstration required some labor and was a struggle on various fronts. I’m happy it’s over but I can’t wait for next year’s event to implement the improvements from the lessons learnt.  Demonstrations are an art to master! It was finally a great evening for the participants with interesting lessons and friendly atmosphere. The event is established as a tradition and as such it was a success.

The surprise was the complete boycott from the press. And I think  I’m back to were I started last summer ;

We are enduring a very serious economic crises The media is NOT pointing to the real causes. Consequently the problems are NOT solved and the crisis is aggravating.  In addition to economic contraction, joblessness, rising food prices etc. there are unrests many places and innocent gets the blame for the problems. History shows in such times dictatorships, protectionism, nationalism and wars are in the breeding. It is a serious and frustrating situation threatening our civilization at its core.

What I ‘have been doing the last few months is to try to get public attentions to the root causes by getting into the press. Now it seems like that door is closed. I made a few phone calls to Dagens Næringsliv last Friday informing them there had been a demonstration asking why they did not report it. The response was that the case was “too narrow”.

But the central bank is not narrower for newspaper than two journalists had accepted invitations for dinner with the Central Bank notably political editor notably political editor Sofie Mathiassen and journalist Anne Kari Haug. No less than 11 editors and journalist had dinner with the central bank being the top representatives from all mainstream financial newspapers.

Norway has a very big problem with its media; The tasks of the central bank can easily be transferred to civil life. Then why is the government in the money production business? There is just one answer; POWER. Any decent journalist should just be allergic against unwarranted concentration of power relentlessly questioning it. But it is not happening. In fact the exact opposite is happening. The journalists are silencing any questions and have dinner with the powerful guys.

I’m currently a bit unsure about what to best do about this problem. The happenings in Egypt suggest that social media is becoming very powerful. My guts feeling is just to bypass media and dig back into facbook, twitter, blogs and the like. And continue making our own media.

Below, for the reference, is the list of people from the media attending this dinner:

Solsvik, Terje, redaktør (NRK)
Hetland, Tom, sjefredaktør (stavanger Aftenblad)
Hegnar, Trygve, ansvarlig redaktør (finansavisen)
Olufsen, Bernt, ansvarlig redaktør (VG)
Bjerketvedt, Pål, sjefredaktør (NTB)
Storeng, Ola, redaktør (Aftenposten)
Mathiassen, Sofie, politisk redaktør (Dagens Næringsliv)
Nygaard, Mads, forlagsdirektør
Haram, Are, Finansavisen
Haug, Anne Kari, Dagens Næringsliv
Bjørnestad, Sigurd Aftenposten

Tips oss hvis dette innlegget er upassende

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