Totalitarian journalists

As explained in Fear the Boom and Bust Rap there is dispute between Keynes and Hayek. Keynes want to stear markets, Hayek want them set free.

But the Austrian perspective is unknown to the public. The receptionist did not know Hayek.

I made a search in main Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten for leading Austrian economists and proponents with the following results:

Friedrich Hayek 3 hits (none by journalists)
Peter Schiff 0 hits
Mises 0 hits
Hernando de soto 1 hit

Compare this with results for leading Keynesians:
Keynes: 42 hits
Paul Krugman 36 hits

The Austrians are simply non existent in the press. These facts reminds me on “Tormod Valakers 0″Litt fascisme hr statsminister“  the disgracing story about the consistent symphaties with the totalitarian Fascists and Nazi’s in the 30’s by the Norwegian press.

Interesting facts were that during the 30’s 10 years the Italian anti fascist opposition was never mentioned in the norwegian press. Similarely the refuges from Nazi Germany living in Norway was never mentioned. Dead silence. Like the austrian economists they were non existent for the norwegian journalists.

Now this might seem like unrelated events. But there is a second link: In the foreword to the German editon of the general theory in 1936 Keynes wrote the following:

“The theory of aggregated production, which is the point of the following book, nevertheless can be much easier adapted to the conditions of a totalitarian state [eines totalen Staates] than the theory of production and distribution of a given production put forth under conditions of free competition and a large degree of laissez-faire.”

Keynes is for totalitarians. Central banking is for totalitarians. Journalists are (for a large part) totalitarians.

Tips oss hvis dette innlegget er upassende

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