The roots of Holocaust

Richard Evans is investigating the roots of Nazism in his book “The coming of the Third Reich“.  The hatred of the jews is old.  They have been blamed for mishaps like bad harvests, diseases and wars forcenturies. But Richard traces the modern secular form back to the 1870’s when Germany was hit by an economic depression. Many lost their jobs and business and people began searching for scapegoats for their misfortunes.

This provided fertile soil for demagoges like Herman Ahlwardt and Wilhelm Marr who in 1873 published an influental “The victory of jewdom over Germandom viewed from a Non-Confessional Standpoint”.

The idea that the jews where the cause of all misfortunes where planted in the germans and *normalized* so that in f.ex in 1893 antisemitsm where incorporated in the mainstream Conservative parti at the so called Tivoli conference.

But what was the real cause of the depression in the 1870’s? What can possibly cause economy wide loss of profits? If you understand but a little economy you know where to look. In desember 1871 silver was demonetized by law in Germany. The same were done in other countries in the early 1870’s to pave way for central banking and the goldstandard.

The effect of the demonetizing was a sudden contraction in the volume of money with the ineviteble. outcome of a depression. The real cause of the depression was (as always) the governements medling with the economy. The jews got the blame. This was one of many unfortunate steps that led to Holocaust.

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  1. On September 20, 2010 at 11:41 pm scelerant Sier:

    You may also want to keep in mind that the Catholic Church was preaching antisemitism as official doctrine until 1964, something that may have something to do with the public opinion in places like Austria, Bavaria and other high catholic areas. Especially when one takes into account that both Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler were raised Catholic.

    Historically the hatred of jews was religously founded. But I think Richard Evans found the hatred got more secular from the 1870’s. Also the jews has been hated simply because they were different.

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