Vacant position

“Sentralbanksjef”. Chairman of the Norwegian Bank cartel.

About Norges Bank
Norges Bank is founded to provide the politicians with a printing press paying the governments expenses.

For the purpose Norges Bank is organizing the government controlled Norwegian banks into a cartel giving them the business of earning profits on the interest of loans created out of thin air.

The creation of money out of nothing and the correspondingly evaporation back to nothing when the debt is defaulted is providing the politicians with financial crises useful as pretext for expanding the scope of the government.

While one branch of Norges Bank is busy diluting away the population’s savings another branch is administering the governmental pension fund.

Traits of the Chairman
The position as CEO for this institution is vacant from January 2011.

The position requires a profond ignorance about sound economic and monetary theory:

  • You must believe the government can make people wealthy by building pyramids, fund wars or even dig holes.
  • You must believe that spendig maskes people rich whilst saving makes them poor.
  • You must further believe putting debt into circulation as money is providing financial stability.

The position requires a monthly chat in the Central Bank Hub BISin Basel to cooperate to postpone the house of cards falling. Good English is required

To run this institution which is destroying the economy, bankrupting business and peoples, diluting peoples savings making us all debt ridden clients of the welfare state while simultanously telling it’s for our benefit you must lack any integrity and be utterly corrupted. This lack of character is best documented by an active career in politics.

The position is vacant for 6 years with possibility for another 6 years.

Contact information for applications can be found here.

Tips oss hvis dette innlegget er upassende

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